Hello and welcome on Origamigne !

What is Origamigne? A little bit of me, Migne Huynh, art director and illustrator for more than ten years. And a little bit of my visual identity, an origami: from a simple thing, like a piece of paper, you can create big ones – that’s my belief. So Origamigne represent my universe through my graphic creations and illustrations, that I’m glad to share with you.

Drawing has always been part of my life: I never stop sketching since I had a pencil in my hand. Fascinated by the world of pictures, I naturally went towards graphic design studies at high school. Then I had the chance to enter big agencies like Publicis group and television channel M6 where I improve in different areas: print, web, mobile, motion but especially illustration which stay my specialism.

My inspirations simply come from my various hobbies : cinema, mangas and animes, american TV shows, video games, martial arts, breakdance… and the world that surrounds me.

  • TikTok : @Origamigne
  • Instagram : @Origamigne
  • Twitter : @Mignehuynh

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